Chimney and Fireplace Restoration

Chimney and Fireplace Restoration in Victoria BC

chimney victoria bcIdeally, the only necessary work a home-owner needs to do is to have his chimney checked for safety, and in most instances, minor chimney and fireplace repairs are all that is required.  However, with older homes, the chimneys and fireplaces are often not up to current building and fire regulation codes and it is necessary,  to ensure that they are safe to use, to have them brought up to code.

As much as we love our chimneys and fireplaces, they are sometimes so deteriorated that the risk of using it outweighs the pleasure of a snapping fire during cold evenings

There are several reasons why the damage got bad enough that chimney and fireplace restoration are the only option available to the homeowner. The main reason is, particularly in the Pacific North West, is RAIN.  Your chimney is subjected to water running down the flue or flues which creates dampness and this dampness is the main cause of chimney erosion.  Another reason for this erosion is simply  the result of neglect.  If the chimney and fireplace are ignored long enough, they will fall into a state of severe disrepair. Chimney maintenance is important to the life of your chimney. Shoddy workmanship, either when the chimney was first built, or during repairs can also be the reason  restoration is necessary. As a result of the shoddy work, it is no longer possible to repair the damage, and the only option left for the mason is  restoration.

When it is time for the chimney and fireplace restoration project to commence, you want to make sure that the masonary company, who will be taking care of the project, are professionals. You want them to have a great deal of experience and  you want to make sure that they are certified, licensed and insured in the Province of British Columbia.

You want to hire the best chimney and fireplace restoration company in Victoria.  You want Brock Masonry LTD.

When you hire Brock Masonry LTD to handle your chimney and fireplace restoration you will be getting the benefit of 42 years experience and the knowledge of a certified mason. Unlike so many masons who know a little bit about the mainly different aspects of the masonary trade, but are not really experts at chimney and fireplace repair, Brock Masonry LTD deals only with chimneys and fireplaces. This exclusiveness means that they know everything there is to know about chimney and fireplace restorations and will be able to offer plenty of suggestions and advice. The company will give your a quality restoration and they will do so without damaging your home.

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