Chimney and Fireplace Repair

chimney victoria bcExpert Chimney and Fireplace Repair

When asked what feature of their home is their favorite, most homeowners will promptly respond with the simple words, my fireplace. There is something magical about a fireplace. It throws quite a bit of heat, the flames look stunning, and there is something about the snap, crackle, pop of wood as it burns. The problem is that many home owners forget that their chimney is a critical part of their fireplace. These homeowners often forget about things like chimney and fireplace repair. Homeowners often seem to think that their chimney is indestructible. These homeowners only learn about the importance of chimney and fireplace repair when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a crisis.

There are several reasons why you might be in need of chimney and fireplace repair. The main reason is erosion caused by water running down the chimney flues which creates a damp environment in the chimney. Another common repair problem is caused by home-owners not maintaining their chimneys. Also, if the chimney was  built incorrectly or not repaired correctly by use of an improper chimney mortor, a chimney can break apart as all masonary chimneys must expand and contract with the heat and cold they are constantly exposed to. To preserve your chimney so it does not ever need to have a major repair or rebuild is to make sure your flues are not open to the rain at the top.  We recommend concrete chimney pots with removable lids to stop water from running down the flues.  The pots are open on two sides and closed on the other two sides. They are positioned with the closed sides to the prevailing wind and rain.  Also, your chimney should be waterproofed with a special sealer that will let the bricks breath allowing the moisture in`the chimney to escape, but also keep the rain and dampness from entering the chimney through the brickwork.

Chimney and fireplace repair should take place before the homeowner plans on using the fireplace on a regular basis. The fireplace should not be used until the homeowner is sure that both the chimney and fireplace are in perfect working order.

The best way to avoid a serious accident is to have your chimney and fireplace inspected each year before you start to use it. While this is something you could do, it is normally best to have the inspection done by a masonary expert who will know exactly what they are looking for. You should have them inspected by Brock Masonry LTD which is located in Victoria BC.

The experts at Brock Masonry LTD will take their time inspecting your chimney and fireplace for damage. The company specializes not just in chimneys and fireplaces, but also in providing quality services. They will go over every single inch of both your chimney and your fireplace. They will discuss the problem with you and then make sure the repairs are handled in a professional manner.

With forty-two years of experience under their belts, Brock Masonry LTD is ready to deal with every single type of chimney and fireplace repair.

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